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Our Story

The Headhunters band  began in 1973.

We started with Herbie Hancock with  a recording entitled "Headhunters" .This recording would become the 1st Platinum Jazz Fusion Album in History.

 The Headhunters accompanied Herbie on subsequent  tours and recordings  which stretched over 2 decades..

In 1995 the band reunited and recorded "Return Of The Headhunters" .

The Original band included Herbie, Bill Summers (perc), Bennie Maupin sax  and  Paul Jackson (bass)

Mike Clark joined the band on the 2nd recording "Thrust" which had equal impact, from that point until this day the drummer has been Mike Clark. Bill Summers and Mike Clark have lead this band for the last 12 or more years.

Mike Clark

Bill Summers


What matters to us

We are motivated by the human experience. Our mission takes us in many directions but always one that brings about enlightenment. Music is a language that all the band members.  share. We have changed and will change lives now and in the future. This change we hope will be a positive one.

The photo below was taken in 1974 and includes the members of the Headhunters including Blackbird Mcknight who also recorded with with us on "Survial Of The Fittest" and Herbie's Japanese live recording "Flood".


Our Influences

Our music blends jazz, Funk, world music rock virtually a multi ethnic experience Our lyrics are  motivated and influenced by our combined experiences.

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