The Present

The Headhunters Today

Let’s start at this moment. We are a group that has devolved over the past 40 years. Our most recent accomplishment is our new music project “SPEAKERS IN THE HOUSE”. This was the joint efforts of Bill Summers and Mike Clark. You Headhunters fans might ask Where are the other guys? Well history unfolds and Mike and I have withstood the test of time. The Headhunters as a band recorded several projects without Herbie Hancock. In 1975 we signed with Arista Records. Our first recording was “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” Arista Records.

one of the featured tracks was “God Made Me Funky” one of the most sampled songs in Hip hop history and was used by NWA, GRAND MASTER FLASH, and a host of others. Over the last 2 decades Mike Clark and Bill Summers have kept the legacy alive. We do, on occasion reunite with our former band members Paul Jackson bassist, Bennie Maupin saxophonist, Blackbird McKnight guitarist.

The band is comprised of co leaders Bill Summers & Mike Clark with special guest artist Donald Harrison on sax. This has been the face of the group for the past 12 years. 

Mike Clark Bill Summers Donald Harrison

The Headhunters developed as a result of the birth the recording “Headhunters” with Herbie Hancock in 1973. We had no idea how important this recording would become states Bill Summers an original member of the group. My band mates, at this time, were Bennie Maupin on all the saxes, Harvey Mason on drums, Paul Jackson on bass and of course Herbie Hancock on piano.

We were brought together by very powerful energies, we surpassed our dreams musically. What we created as a team influenced art around the globe. The first recording “Headhunters” was our first mission. The next was ”Thrust” with the addition of innovative drummer Mike Clark. This remained the band for many years. Every member of this group went on to established solo careers and all are doing well.

Now its Mike Clark and Bill Summers who are carrying the torch as The Headhunters.

All I can really say is “This was a life altering experience. The legacy and history we created as a band will never be matched. 

Thank you God.

Bill Summers

I have been in this band well over half my life. I will never be able to pay back my debt of gratitude to the band members for life lessons learned, incredible musical experiences, laughter and love. This is my family and they also happen to be some of the greatest artists on the planet! 

Mike Clark